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Get to know people behind Autovity

Mr. Sharma

Chief Executive Officer

Autovity is the brain child of Mr. Sharma, who is a strategist and a focused visionary. He has completed B. Tech Civil Engineering and is a Graduate Diploma in Construction Project Management with relevant experience of 20+ years in various Civil Infrastructure constructions , Testing and Calibration of Civil Construction Lab operations and management. With his able leadership skills, he has set the tone and culture of the organization.

Mr. Viswakarma

Chief Technology Officer

He is a dynamic professional with 9 years of experience in the area of Testing as well as maintaining quality control documents complying to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. He has in depth knowledge of Indian, American & British Standard specifications. He oversees the technical aspects related to the Testing Reports by working along with IT team. His primary responsibility is to implement business ethics with innovative ideas, techniques and strategies by involving team & cost management for result oriented performance.

Mr. Mukherjee

Chief Operations Officer

He has great understanding about the technical operation of Civil Engineering Testing and Calibration Laboratory along with High end research and development work in India and aboard. Mr. Mukherjee is B. Tech in Ceramic Technology, which made him a prominent team leader for Physical, Mechanical, Chemical and Non Destructive Testing for Civil Engineering and it’s allied Industries. He has delivered several lectures on building materials and published number of journal articles and book chapter.

Mr. Mishra

Chief Finance Officer

He has competitive knowledge and ample experience in the area of Accounting, Taxation, Banking & Finance. He is a Chartered Accountant who looks after the entire Accounting, Taxation, Banking & Finances. With an additional knowledge of Corporate law, he also keeps any eye on legal part of the company.