Why Autovity?

QLMS Software Pvt Ltd is one of the leading testing laboratory software and calibration laboratory software company. It is our immense pleasure to share that QLMS Software Pvt Ltd is recognized as a universal benchmark for its quality and integrity in the field of testing laboratory management software / calibration laboratory management software.

QLMS Software Pvt Ltd is the best solution for NABL reporting software & NABL documentation software. This Laboratory management software named Autovity. The Autovity has the facility to auto-generate QR codes on test reports & calibration reports, Measurement Uncertainty calculation for test product / Calibration product, quality checks for validation of test/calibration results. The autovity has also had the feature to minimize human error automatically for  test reports/calibration reports.

Autovity, a unique SAAS based laboratory management software, is an endeavor of the 8 years of continuous efforts of highly experienced technocrats with extensive knowledge of technical and quality operation of Civil Engineering Testing and Calibration Laboratory.

Autovity meets the regulatory guidelines like, NABL documentation, creating error-free reports, creating auto QR code on test report and calibration reports, auto ULR no, thus eliminating the risk of human error, managing customers and provide a Laboratory management service with high productivity and enabled perfection. It allows you to place orders for samples directly, register your sample, auto-generate test/ calibration numbers, record sample data, assign test/calibration engineers for testing and reporting, auto calculation, and generation of 750+ test and 175+ calibration reports.

Autovity is SAAS which will help you build a better business with efficient Lab management without the hassle to buy/upgrade hardware/software resources thus making it cost-effective. Try autovity and increase the operational efficiency of your Laboratory by automating and streamlining the workflows to make your Lab management flawless, swift and truly digitized.

WHY AUTOVITY:  The Autovity has unique features than other laboratory management softwares:

  • Autovity is laboratory software in which Just Enter The Test or Calibration Observation and Let Autovity Auto Calculate and Prepare Test and Calibration Report With QR Codes. No need to use the MS office tool and upload your report. This reduces human error in reporting and calculation.
  • Autovity is the NABL Report Software which auto-creates the ULR No on Test / Calibration for the Accredited NABL scope, meeting the guideline issued by NABL.
  • Autovity is the NABL Report Software which creates QR codes on test report/calibration report for online verification, meeting the guideline issued by NABL recently.
  • Autovity is the NABL Test Report Software which auto split NABL – Non-NABL Test reports automatically to meet the reporting criteria set by NABL-133, NABL-131 & ISO/IEC: 17025.
  • Autovity is the testing and calibration software that has the facility to apply decision rules in test/calibration for compliance of the product or artifact as per the requirement of  ILAC G-8.
  • Autovity has the facility to amend the test/calibration report in a simple few clicks keeping both the copy of test/calibration reports,  the previous copy, and amended copy as per Management system procedure.
  • Autovity is one of the best laboratory Management software which has the facility to calculate measurement uncertainty for testing and calibration by few simple clicks only.
  • Autovity is one of the best NABL documentation software by which has the ability to maintain 4 stage document controls for the testing laboratory/calibration laboratory to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC: 17025.
  • Autovity is one of the first software which has an inbuilt program for automatic calculation of 750+ civil testing reports and 150+ calibration reports.
  • Dedicated Team of QLMS Software Pvt Ltd continual working on Autovity for Continual upgrading and improvements for advancement and automation to meet the National and International requirements.

Admin Console

Centralized admin panel to setup the workflow and other lab systems as per requirements of the lab.

SSL/TLS Security

Ensures secure browsing of the website that assures you of the authenticity, integrity and encryption. This allows the users to securely transmit confidential information such as credit card numbers or debit card numbers or login credentials over the internet and be sure that the website is authentic.

Customer Registration

Registration of customer details, with GST number, email and phone number allow you to generate invoice, sending the E- reports/invoices. Addition of different site addresses for the same customer can be done easily.

This ensures that your customer details are at a single place. This will help you keep track of orders related to Test & Calibration reports and invoices online without much hassle.

Tax Invoicing

Autovity allows you to digitize and generate invoices automatically based on the final rate given to your customer and send E-invoices to the customer.

Customer Credit Control

Autovity allows you to control and set the credit limit to every customer individually.  You could also withhold the reports if the credit limit is exceeded by the customer thus ensuring you have lesser number of unpaid bills.

Customer Panel

Customers can be given Login Ids to take printouts and view their reports, invoice, make orders for testing & calibration on-site and hence eliminate the need for paper work.

Test / Calibration Products

750+ test parameters or 150+ calibration parameters have already been integrated in to the system and your reports will be calculated and generated automatically.

New test/calibration will be added from time to time as per standard requirements case to case.

Test / Calibration Registration & Reports

Autovity allows you to create reports for the test and calibration products that has been provided by the system. You can  do so in three easy steps: add/edit your observations for the product, send it to review and authorize it and create authentic reports (with QR Code). These reports can be shared with your customer.

You can also keep record of amended Test/Calibration reports with a valid evidence as attachment. ULR no will be auto generated once the Test / Calibration report has been approved.

Auto QR Code generation on reports

Autovity allows you to create authentic reports with QR Code

Auto ULR Number generation on reports

Autovity generates a ULR number once the Test / Calibration report has been approved.


Keep record of maintenance, intermediate checks, Calibration records and etc., along with auto-reminder of due-list.

Number of users

Each plan has some default user’s login with a Super Admin (SA -who controls the workflows of the lab and this software).

Other Logins included as per the selected Plan:
Material Registration Officer (MRO), Testing Engineer (TE), Discipline Manager (DM), Technical Manager (TM), Quality Manager(QM).

LABZI: Total 9 Logins: (1)SA/(1)MRO/(3)TE/ (2)DM/(1)TM/(1)QM

ADVANCED: Total 7 Logins: (1)SA/(1)MRO/(2)TE/ (1)DM/(1)TM/(1)QM

REGULAR: Total 5 Logins: 1 login each for SA/ MRO / TE / DM/ TM

BASIC: Total 3 Logins: 1SA/1QM/1TM

Sample Movement

Request for sample disposal after set retention period, approval on simple clicks. Auto history generation & creation as pdf while required.

Quality Checks

Checks like ILC or PT, re-testing/blind/competence/PT/ILC updating of plan & report preparation etc. and auto reminder as per set frequency.

NABL Documents

In NABL Documents: 4 stages Documents add, maintenance & maintained as per ISO/IEC: 17025 in easy steps. Auto reminders for review of all stage documents.

Measurement Uncertainty

Auto calculation of MU (stepwise) and generation of reports and keeping records.

IP access control

Control the use of software and restrict the usage of the system only inside the office premises to ensure data confidentiality.