Why is QLMS Autovity not LIMS?

Autovity Laboratory Management Software

Today, with the assistance of this text, we are going to know why QLMS Autovity isn’t LIMS. We are going to fathom it well.  So let’s know.

What is QLMS Autovity

Autovity allows you to regulate and set the credit limit to each customer individually. You may also withhold the reports if the credit limit is exceeded by the customer thus ensuring you’ve got a lesser number of unpaid bills.

What is LIMS

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) allows you to effectively manage the flow of samples and associated data to boost lab efficiency. A LIMS helps standardize workflows, tests and procedures while providing accurate controls of the method.

Why is QLMS Autovity not LIMS?

  • If Enter The Test or Calibration Observation and Let Autovity Auto Calculate and Prepare Test and Calibration Report qlms.in QR Codes. Don’t have to use the MS office tool and upload your report. This reduces human error in reporting and calculation.
  • Each Test and Calibration Report After Authorization is created with a unique QR code for online verification, meeting the rule of thumb issued by NABL recently.
  • 4 stage document controls for NABL audit, get your pdf ready as and when required.
  • Auto Calculation of Measurement of Uncertainty with step by step process just enters the test/ calibration observation values.
  • The highly skilled technical support team for any software or technical issues.
  • First software as an answer with the inbuilt program for automatic calculation of 750+ engineering science testing and 150+ calibration.

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